Project Showcase - Optimisation of Inspection Activities 

Project Showcase: Optimisation of Inspection Activities 


Client: [Client Confidential]  Location: Global 

Customer Challenge 

It is not uncommon for inspection activities and frequencies to have remained unchanged from those developed at the time of commissioning. 

To ensure an optimised approach, operators should periodically review these activities to ensure that they are both appropriate and not unduly onerous. 
The challenge in doing this is the reluctance to move from the known practice due to the perceived risk. 

ASSETT Solution 

ASSETT have the knowledge and expertise to undertake a thorough review of all credible failure mechanisms, operation (historical and future) and current legislation to determine if current practice is optimal. In addition, ASSETT can provide a cost benefit analysis to determine if a detailed assessment using finite element analysis and fracture mechanics could provide further savings by safely optimising inspection frequencies. 
Value Delivered 
ASSETT staff, have the required materials, inspection and analysis experience and have successfully undertaken these assessments many times for clients throughout their careers. The benefits realised by our clients have been: 
Reduced inspection costs 
Demonstrable evidence that inspection activities are effective in managing the integrity threats 
Improved safety as site activities and travel are minimised 
Reduced environmental impact due to reduced travel and waste 
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