Project Showcase - Life Extension Studies 

Project Showcase: Life Extension Studies 


Client: [Client Confidential] – Gas Operator based in the UK  Location: United Kingdom 

Customer Challenge 

Many gas processing plant located in the UK are approaching design life whilst the business case for continued operation may be valid for many years into the future. 

To ensure continued safe operation, it is necessary to perform life extension studies to determine if it is feasible to operate plant beyond the original end of life date and whether any equipment requires replacement. 

ASSETT Solution 

ASSETT staff have the knowledge and experience to perform life extension studies on all pressure systems equipment. The life extension studies are performed in line with the UK HSE KP4 guidance. A summary of work involved in the life extension studies is detailed below: 
Create a register of all pressure systems within the facilities 
Assess the integrity threats that the equipment may be susceptible to 
Review the inspection and risk mitigation actions that have been performed. If the inspection techniques used are considered to be ineffective to address the integrity threats, additional inspection will be recommended 
Assess future operating conditions to determine the effect on integrity 
Complete life extension assessment 
Value Delivered 
Provides confidence that plant can be operated safely for the revised design life. 
Reduces CAPEX by demonstrating safe operation of vessels beyond their original design life 
Provides ample time for clients to plan for replacement and repair of equipment whose life cannot be economically extended. 
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