Civil, Structural & Geotechnics 

Civil, Structural & Geotechnics   

Ground Investigation Interpretation 

Interpretation of desk studies and site investigation data to determine ground conditions and material parameters relevant to designs, assessments or failure investigations. 

Pipeline Diversion Route Option 

Design and review of pipeline reinforcement and diversion route options by taking into consideration, client requirements, geohazards, code requirements and other restrictions. 

Geotechnical Structures Design 

Design services for a range of geotechnical structures such as pile foundations, retaining walls and slope stabilisations; in urban environments and in proximity to Oil and Gas assets. 

Ground Movement Assessment 

Assessment of ground movements utilising numerical modelling for a wide range of complex problems, such as geohazards, abnormal loads, geotechnical structures and subsidence of structures. 

Failure Investigations / Route Cause Failure Analyses 

Assessment of failure investigations due to geohazards and … [needs developing further]. 

Geohazard Assessments 

Our services include identification, evaluation, analysis, risk assessment, modelling and mitigation of geohazards and their effect on 3rd party assets. 

Damage Impact Assessments 

Damage assessments of proposed developments on a wide variety of structures and assets, such as water mains or listed structures. 
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